Vibration Chair

Price: $119.00


For a VT-8 chair, please see our deluxe chair.

Welcome to the only vibration machine with a chair! If you can't stand for very long, or just prefer to sit, you can use this chair and still get the benefits of movement and additional gravity.

The chair is easily added or removed for sitting or standing.

Maximum weight 260 lb/118 kilos.

Great for:

  • Brings your body’s core closer to the source of the vibration. This allows your waistline and upper body to feel the intensity and gain the benefits of Whole Body Vibration even more!
  • Allows you to use T-Zone Whole Body Vibration even if you have mobility issues.
  • Is quick to install and easy to store.
  • The chair’s feet fit perfectly into the base of the machine
  • Use while relaxing or watching TV

Vibration is not for everybody - please read our contraindications:
While T-Zone Vibration is very safe, there are some people who should not use vibration. If you: have active cancer, have an active herniated disc, have a pacemaker or other implants, have had recent surgery, have serious cardiac disease, or if you are pregnant (or think you might be). This list is not exhaustive and if you have any health conditions whatsoever, please discuss with your health care provider.